How Much Does a POS System Cost in Australia?

It is worth mentioning that more and more people are looking for premium POS solutions, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. This is primarily since this software offers valuable assistance in contactless payments, online ordering, and deliveries. If you are a first-timer, you must realise that POS systems typically range from simple iPad applications to a cross-location hardware base.

If you are a first-timer for Hospitality Point of Sale systems, you must realise that most top-rated solutions come with typical monthly pricing of $50-$100 for small businesses with one register. Then again, when it comes to more extensive franchises and businesses, they pay $100-$200 for additional logs and features per month.

While there's no denying that this is undoubtedly a broad range, the internet is filled with many POS suppliers. You must always do your due diligence to identify credible options for your business.

POS System Costs by Industry

There's no denying that every business nowadays needs online functionality. This is not just because of the ongoing global health pandemic — but essentially due to consumers' ever-developing demand for online features. More and more people are opting to try POS solutions nowadays- most essentially because of the superior online features.

Here's a detailed breakdown of all you need to know about POS systems from different industries. This will essentially help you to determine the best option for your business.

Retail POS System Cost

Starting with Retail Point Of Sale systems, there are plenty of options available on the internet for the takers. However, it would be best to do your homework to make a correct judgment call instead of an impulse decision. Your best choice must always include completely costless systems. Or, to put it simply, they only charge transaction fees on every sale.

Many well-rounded POS systems provide versatile business compatibility. The only caveat here is that they don't function well outside the retail industry.


Online sales have become an integral part of both corporate and retail business in recent times. If you are looking for e-commerce POS software, your choice must be adept at expanding or securing your online presence. There is a few POS software available that allows users to build an online store without charge. Moreover, they encourage their users to list products (both physical and digital) without any capacity restriction and automated inventory sync.

If you are still not convinced, they also allow users to send order status text alerts to customers. These alerts feature pickup location and time, order confirmation, and delivery information. You can also click and collect in-store for superior convenience.

When you use such POS software, you have the option to create contact forms effortlessly. This will essentially help you accumulate user information such as contact information and email addresses. Simply put, this will help you to develop marketing tools for brand promotions.


Thirdly, there's no denying that sales features provide critical support to a good retail POS. If you get your hands on premium POS software, your business will become compliant to contactless, credit, debit, chip, and other reasonable old-fashioned cash payments. This is primarily possible with either first-party and third-party terminals or card readers. Furthermore, they also enable you to issue and track gift card payments as well.  

If you are new to POS solutions and looking for a reliable option, you must begin with POS Central. They are highly reputed in the industry with tremendous experience in developing POS systems.


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